Google Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS Max was tested for durability

The Google Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS Max smartphones already have managed to pass a set of tests for durability and wear resistance. However authors of YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have decided not to be limited to separate reviews of two leaders. They have organized to novelties a session of simultaneous falling from various height to find out which of vendors has equipped the device with the best protection against damages.

Both smartphones have sustained falling from height of one meter without problems. Bloggers dropped “experimental” on a back cover, the display and an edge, but devices at the same time haven’t sustained serious damage. Google Pixel 3 XL has got couple of hardly noticeable scratches and chips on an aluminum border and a back part of the case. iPhone XS Max has done without obvious cosmetic defects.

However falling on the lower side from one-and-a-half-meter height hasn’t taken place for iPhone XS Max completely — the back panel of the smartphone made of glass has sustained damage to the top part and has gone cracks near a company logo and the camera. The similar blow about concrete has brought much less damage to a novelty from Google — the smartphone has continued to work, having got off with only couple of new scratches. The display and the case of a gadget haven’t sustained critical damage.

The provision iPhone XS Max was aggravated after falling from the same height on a back cover — were added to old cracks new on all area of a back cover, but the display remained is whole even after landing on concrete. Fallen down the Pixel 3 XL screen haven’t sustained — glass of the display has become covered by cracks, and the sensor of the smartphone has begun to work incorrectly.

After falling from height of 2,5 meters has continued to work for the lower edge of Pixel 3 XL, but device glass, as well as a back cover, has become covered by “spider line” from cracks. The novelty from Apple was left without visible new damages, but from repeated falling from the same height the back panel down at the smartphone the tray for a sim card has dropped out.

Falling of phones from height of 2,5 meters “-faced” became final test down. The back iPhone XS Max panel has continued to crumble, the decorative slip has begun to fall to pieces, but the display of the smartphone hasn’t suffered and remained completely working. For Pixel 3 XL the last test became fatal — his display has completely ceased to work. But as regards case durability the smartphone from Google has shown good results. After all falling the device has kept integrity of a design and has got a minimum of scratches.

Source: Youtube.com




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