Google obliges manufacturers of Android devices to install security updates

Google has changed the Android licensing agreement to include the requirement for mobile device manufacturers to make available all their popular models for security updates. Now, all popular models of smartphones and tablets, released after January 31, 2018 and running on the Android OS, should receive security updates for at least two years. Thus, Google is trying to increase the level of sustainability of gadgets on the Android platform to the harmful effects of the distributors of the virus code.

Google considers the popularity of the model by the number of its activations among users. As soon as the number of activations of a certain model reaches more than 100 thousand, it falls under the requirement to install security updates at least 4 times in the first year since its release. The frequency and total number of updates from the second year is not indicated in the license, but must also take place.

In addition, the search giant obliges manufacturers to install monthly updates for Android, correcting the detected vulnerabilities. For those manufacturers who do not comply with these requirements, there is a risk of revoking a license to install the operating system on their products. Ignoring the requirements entails the risk of leakage of personal data to third parties, with all the ensuing consequences.

According to The Verge, the updated license is likely to apply to all Android device manufacturers, although the specific contract held by the publication only applies to smartphones and tablets sold in the EU and with pre-installed software from Google. Previously, the company changed the distribution model of its operating system for the European Union, obliging manufacturers to pay for proprietary applications and services from Google.




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